We are technology experts with farming in our genes.

Three cows eating feed mix from a trough
Business can help solve many of these food and agriculture emissions challenges through innovative funding and support to the farm gate. Athian exists to be the bridge.
Paul Myer
Athian CEO & Founder

Our Promise

Athian will enable animal agriculture producers to monetize their sustainability efforts — whether it's the work they've already done or the progress they're making toward a future sustainability goal.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Headshot of Paul Myer, Athian CEO & Founder

Paul Myer

CEO & Founder

Headshot of Kendra Tolley, Athian Chief Product Officer

Kendra Tolley

Chief Product Officer

Headshot of Mike Bonner, Athian VP of Engineering

Mike Bonner

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Jessica Langley, Athian VP of Sales

Jessica Langley

VP of Sales


Meet Our Board & Advisors

Headshot of Board Member Elliot Parker

Elliot Parker

High Alpha Innovation

Headshot of Board Member Jose Simas

Jose Simas


Headshot of Board Member Chris Kopman

Chris Kopman

Newtrient, LLC.

Headshot of Board Member Rahul Ray

Rahul Ray

Tyson Ventures

Headshot of Board Member Darrin Montiero

Darrin Monteiro

California Dairies, Inc.

Headshot of Board Member Scott Horner

Scott Horner

DSM Venturing


Meet Our Scientific Advisory Board

Headshot of SAB Member Dr. Ermias Kebreab

Dr. Ermias Kebreab

UC Davis

Headshot of SAB Member Dr. Juan Tricarico

Dr. Juan Tricarico

Dairy Management Inc.

Headshot of SAB Member Dr. Kristen Johnson

Dr. Kristen Johnson

Washington State University

Headshot of SAB Member Dr. Wei Lao

Dr. Wei Liao

Michigan State University

Headshot of SAB Member Logan Thompson

Dr. Logan Thompson

Kansas State University